The description of the Jabberwock is largly based on by Sir John Tenniel's illustrations, in the book, Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There. Jabberwocky can be as tall as 25 feet despite a scrawny neck and legs. The Jabberwock has two arms, with huge claws at hand. All Jabberwocky also have the ability to fly, because of there thin batlike wings. The Jabberwocky have both hideous reptilian tails and heads. The Jabberwock head has two staring eyes, beaver-like teeth, and four antennaes around the mouth.

Habitat and Behavior

Jabberwocky tend to live in forests. They don't have to many friends, for they attack anyone that's in sight. The Jabberwocky have also been known to work together, to set up ambushes.

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